Ul CyberCamp

Do you want Greenfoot? Would you like to know what Greenfoot is or do you need to Scratch? Is this making any sense to you? If you want to know more then why not attend the UL CyberCamp.

The aim of the camp is to give students the opportunity to learn, use and experience new technology in a fun and engaging way. During the camp, students will work in teams to build their own games, animations or music projects, build their own websites, construct and program robots and solve problems.


The dates for the camps are as follows:

  • Camp 1: beginning the 14th of June for 3 days
  • Camp 2: beginning the 21th of June for 3 days
  • Camp 3: beginning the 28th of June for 3 days

Each day is scheduled from 09:30 – 16:30.

Cost: €75

For full information and details go to http://www.csis.ul.ie/cybercamp/index.html 

OK what is Greenfoot?

Greenfoot is a framework for creating graphical demonstrations using the Java programming language that is suitable for novice programmers. While Greenfoot supports the full Java language, it is especially useful for programming exercises that have a visual element. In Greenfoot, object visualisation & object interaction are key elements. Your imagination is the limit from a space shooter game to a graphical demonstration of how ant colonies search out food to understanding the characteristics of sound waves. See http://www.greenfoot.org/ for more details.