Launch of Student Digital Learning Hub

The transition year Digital Champions team has developed a website  called the Student Digital Learning Hub. The purpose of the website and the accompanying Android app is to provide information for all students in our school about digital technologies and resources which will help them with learning. 

This project is also designed to support the introduction of an ePortfolio solution in the school. The ePortfolio solution will be introduced in Transition Year and the team for this project is made up of transition year students. The Digital Learning Hub site uses the same platform (Google Sites) as the ePortfolio solution. The site will give information and advice from a student perspective on how to build an ePortfolio. The team is currently doing a pilot of eportfolio using Google Sites and their advice will be helpful to other students in the future.

The team has built the site and Android app and are now promoting them. They will also, enable others to collaborate in adding content. The rationale is to give students a voice in promoting digital technologies in learning at our school and to collaborate in building a community of practice among students in effective use of technology in learning.

Well done to the team for doing an excellent job!

Created as part of the Digital Champions Project 2018 by: Wiktor Kwapinski, Michael Liu, Diarmuid Sutton, Adam Jarvis, Diro Lawal and Andrew McMahon