Voluntary Donation

At long last Castletroy College has obtained ownership of the additional 5.5 acres of land at the rear of the college. The wait has been a long one but now in our 10 anniversary year we intend to develop this land as soon as possible. Pitches adjacent to the school will have many benefits in particular, reducing the time teachers and students are out of class, offering greater variety in our Physical Education programme and reducing our transport costs.

What are we doing?
We are levelling and draining the land in order to put in sand based pitches. The area will accommodate 3 pitches for camogie, football, hurling and rugby.

We are fencing in this land to secure and protect our pitches and campus.

We are building outdoor changing rooms to accommodate
6 teams in separate rooms
A referee and coaches room
A medical room
A meeting room
A weights room

Our development fund of €250,000 which has been saved over the past 6 years principally from parents’ contributions will cover the pitch development and some of the cost of the changing rooms. The VEC will cover the cost of fencing, security cameras and lighting.

What do we need?
This is an opportune time to be investing in our facilities as costs have declined by over 30% and we will get very good value for our money. We estimate that we require another €160,000 to complete the work and we are anxious to make the proposed facilities available to existing students as soon as possible. We want a school that not alone ranks with the top schools in Ireland on the basis of exam results but also ranks with them on the basis of facilities.

What can you do?
We understand and are aware that individual circumstances in the present economic climate will limit the contribution that some can make and that is very understandable. However, we are also aware that this is a very good time to build as tenders are competitive and good value for money. We are asking parents to support this project in two ways;

By making your voluntary contribution as soon as possible for 2010. A standing order form for commencement in January is available from the office.
By making an additional once off contribution in the region of €100.

Your continued goodwill and support of Castletroy College is much appreciated. At a time when it is important that young people should be active and involved in sport, any contribution you can make to this cause will be of tremendous benefit to the present and future children of this community.

Voluntary Contribution Scheme;
To fund improved facilities and additional activities we ask parents/guardians to contribute financial support each year by way of a voluntary contribution – €250 per student or €300 per family. The scheme for such contributions qualifies for tax relief, which increases the overall value of contributions by approximately 30%.We wish parents to know that the fund into which your contributions go is financially accountable and transparent and is administered by the school. All contributions are acknowledged and participation is private and confidential. It is possible to pay the contribution on a monthly basis by standing order.
We offer sincere thanks to all who have contributed each year since the scheme began. The active support of all parents/guardians for the scheme mirrors the fact that the funds from the scheme are applied for the benefit of the entire school. In the present economic circumstances, we understand that a parent/guardian may not be in a position to make a contribution of the order mentioned a contribution of a smaller amount will be gratefully accepted. Please note that this scheme does not apply to Transition Year as it is an optional year. We look forward to your continued support of our endeavours and thank you for taking the time to consider this matter.If you are interested in making a donation please click here to download a form.If you intend paying by a single instalment, I would encourage you to do so by the end of May if possible. The tax rebate form should be completed and returned to the school as it is essential to claim the rebate.All contributions will be acknowledged by the issue of a receipt. All aspects of the scheme as they relate to contributions are strictly confidential.

Any parent intending to pay their voluntary contribution by standing order should complete the necessary form and give it to their bank before the end of the month.

Items funded from Parents Contributions
· Bus Hire for both curricular and extra-curricular activities Example: Swimming in U.L.
Matches DebatingTraditional Music GroupCareer Guidance exhibitionsChess tournaments etc
· Additional Physical Education activities at both Senior and Junior Cycle
· Examination stationery and booklets
· Graduation Ceremony
· IT equipment and software Example: Interactive whiteboard
· Laboratory Technician
· Affiliation fees
· First Aid equipment
· Painting outside of building· Laundry
· Guest speakers
· School Musical
· Sound System for PE Hall
· Celebration dinner for All Ireland three in a row team
· Publication of quarterly newsletter