School Showjumping

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Interschools showjumping in Clonshire recently.
Students on the senior team were Emily Knapp, Hazel Hourigan, Aisling Carmody and Aoife Carmody.
Students on the junior team were, Grace Rennison, Caoimhe Lenehan, Zoe O’ Brien and Ellen Madigan.

Jodie O’Neill places at Limerick Student Enterprise Final 2018

‘As I Am’ Interview Jodie O’ Neill; Autism & Sight Difficulties

Jody O’Neill is a young self-advocate attending Castletroy College in County Limerick. She has set up her own business to develop products aimed at supporting autistic individuals with sight difficulties in their self-organisation and day-to-day activities. We spoke to Jody this week at the National Student Enterprise Finals in Croke Park about her business, her ideas and ambitions for the future.


I’m thirteen years old. I’ve set up a business called Help Autism Sight Difficulties, or HASD. The logo we use is three circles to symbolise different brain structures because with autism, after all, is about understanding how people think and feel differently. So, I made products to help autistic people who may have problems with their vision. I think that there’s a real gap in the market with that kind of thing.


There’s a lot out there for autistic people who face challenges with their speech and talking with other people around them. That’s great and I’m really happy about that, but when I was researching for my business plan, I didn’t see a lot that was mainly for autistic people with sight difficulties. I have autism and sight difficulties myself and so I thought that if I set up HASD, then I could actually help somebody else out there with similar challenges but also use them for myself.

So, the idea behind the products is about helping autistic people with their organisation. Living with autism, I know how hard it can be for some people to keep track of so many things at once. I made each of the products in mind of this because the organisation is so important for an autistic person and that we have a problem with forgetting things!

I’ve made different planners for different parts of the routine. I have general to-do-lists, weekly planners and shopping lists. There are also blank sheets which can be used for any purpose the person wishes. They’re all laminated because I wanted to make their use as easy as possible for people. A lot of autistic people will use technology for their needs now and that’s great but for some, they may prefer to handle regular tools.


Well, I don’t think it was one particular product that inspired me. Actually, it was more the fact that there wasn’t a lot out there for autistic people with sight difficulties and my own personal experiences. It was myself and living with those challenges that inspired me, not one item or idea.

WHAT’S THE REACTION BEEN LIKE?It’s been really positive. I’m very excited by it. A lot of the people who’d come to look at and buy my products don’t actually know that I’m autistic myself. They may know that I’ve sight difficulties because of my cane, but I don’t immediately say to most that I’m on the spectrum. All of the products that I use for the business are all usable by a neurotypical person. I think it’s about working to make changes in everyday life that counts and encouraging people who aren’t autistic to do those.


I would have to say there are two people that really stand out for me there – Sia and Adam Harris. They’re inspiring to me because they show that you can go as far as you want and do wherever you want to in life. They do very different things but I love that they’re so passionate about what they do and how that shows autistic people’s interests can take them to huge places.


I’d really like to see more support networks that are mainly for autistic children. There are those for parents too and that’s great but I think it’d be best if there were also ones for people who were on the spectrum. The same for books too – there are loads for parents and teachers on how to work with an autistic person but not a lot for the actual person on the spectrum. I believe that we should be very involved.

School Fields Upgrade

Castletroy college has always strived to provide a broad based education for the young people in the community and to provide the conditions for the fullest development of each pupil as a person. Participation in sport has always been central to this aim.


In order to facilitate a broad range of activities Castletroy College gained 5.5 Acres of land in 2010 allowing it to provide 3 grass pitches for the benefit of its pupils. At the time the college was unable to invest adequately in the drainage of these fields resulting in a requirement for a major upgrade now. The fields remain unplayable for much of the school year making it difficult to provide the quality extra curricular experience that the pupils deserve. This means extra travel time for matches that should be played at home with knock on costs in facilities rental and bus costs. It also means that our teams miss more class contact time than they should have to.


What are we doing?


There is a requirement in the medium term to invest approximately €200,000 in these fields to bring them up to an acceptable standard. As a first phase of this investment Castletroy College has identified 2 projects costing approximately €40,000 which will greatly improve the GAA field and one Rugby field. It is our ambition that both of these projects will commence this Summer but that will depend on fundraising.


The current realities of how schools are inadequately funded means that we have to turn to the community to fund this upgrade. We are actively seeking local businesses to help us improve our facilities for the betterment of the community that they serve. Information relating to this can be got by emailing


Castletroy College would like to take this opportunity to thank the many ex-pupils, parents, teachers and members of the community who give their time to sport in Castletroy. We would also like to thank the parents/guardians who have supported the school financially through the voluntary contribution over the years.

Entrepreneurs Excel at Limerick Student Enterprise Awards 2018

The Student Enterprise Team at Castletroy College continue to excel as they scooped one of the top prizes at the Limerick Student Enterprise Awards 2018 in The South Court Hotel on Thursday March 22nd 2018.
‘App of Troy’ – an App creating a digital community for the people of Castletroy won 1st place (Cup, Trophy and €300) in the Intermediate category. The App created by four 2nd Year students; Adam Flahive, Joe Kelly, Ciarán Fitzgerald & Finlay Robertson is available to download via the QR code attached. The students will now take their ‘App of Troy’ to Croke Park and represent Limerick in the National Student Enterprise Final in May 2018. We congratulate them on their success to date and wish them the very best of luck as they prepare for this national competition.
1st Year students; Jodie O’ Neill, Harry O’ Brien and Jack Fitzgerald also represented our school in the Junior category of the Limerick Student Enterprise Awards. We are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication and congratulations to Jodie on winning 3rd place in this category. Jodie won a trophy and €100.
Congratulations to all our young entrepreneurs and special thanks to their teachers Ms. Delaney, Ms. Carmody and Ms.Marie McMahon for all their help in preparing them for these events.

Student Enterprise 2018