Great win puts Ladies football into Munster Semi Final

On Thursday the 1st of December, we traveled to Ennis to compete in a fierce contest that would leave one team in a Munster semi-final. We knew from the beginning that playing Spanish Point would be a very tough game and we would need every one of the fifteen players on the starting team to be physically and mentally prepared.
We were a little behind on time when we arrived, so we had to move quickly. We got a good warm up done before the referee called us onto the pitch to begin. We prepared ourselves by warming up in the frosted area of the pitch. The sun may have been out but there was not a lot of heat coming from it.
We started off on a high note by getting a couple quick points. We didn’t lose our concentration and we continued to knock over the points. We were nine points ahead before Spanish Point got the ball down the field and scored a point.
The backs had a tough first half in the cold frosted covered area of the field. The ice was still fresh on the ground and trying to stay warm was extremely hard.
By half time Castletroy were 1-11 and Spanish Hill were 0-01. After a quick and well deserved break and a great pep talk from Ms. O’Shea and Ms. Madigan, we went back onto the field for what could be the hardest 30 minutes that we would go through. Even though we were well ahead we went back out knowing well that Spanish Point would do anything to come back and win the match. Castletroy had the hill in the second half so if Spanish Point had any hope of beating us they really had to put their heads down and give everything.
We started the second half the way we started the match, playing as a team, using each other, calling and most importantly not giving out to each other. We scored 2 quick goals and a point.
Spanish Point were working very hard to get the ball back up the field and tried their very best to get goals. Luckily for us we had an amazing back line that fought hard to keep the ball out and succeeded.
Players played their hearts out and got substituted for players with the same enthusiasm to win and for the length they played they gave everything they had. Spanish Point got a late goal to boost their confidence a bit but unfortunately it was a bit too late into the game.
When the final 60 minutes was up and the referee blew the whistle, Castletroy College were the winners with a score of 5-13 to 1-03. We may have won this match and yes we were very, very happy but we still have a semi-final to prepare for and must remain focused.