News March 29, 2010

New Broadband Rollout

by joeshortt

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan TD stated in December last that €45 million will be spent on modernising Ireland’s telecoms infrastructure and that 100Mbps of high-speed broadband will be delivered to 78 secondary schools across the country. Castletroy College was selected as one of the 78 schools.

Work has already begun on the installation of the new broadband infrastructure. During the February mid-term break 33 ultra short throw projectors will be installed in the school. All classrooms in the school will then have a digital projector. Also, all teachers have a laptop, the majority of school PCs are less than 3yrs old and we will have a high speed broadband connection. A new internal wireless network will also be installed as part of this initiative resulting in an outstanding ICT infrastructure which will enable the school to transform teaching and learning.

High speed broadband is the foundation on which information technology can be integrated into our schools, making a new approach to learning and teaching possible. Teachers, parents, students and other members of the community can get involved in online communication and information sharing, regardless of location or school opening hours.

High speed broadband to schools is an important development supporting:
schools with the technological tools to work together (for example, virtual classrooms, video and audio streaming, high definition video conferencing) and create flexible, personalised learning for all students;
teachers with the tools and support to be able to use, share and develop e-learning resources; and
students with networked computers to interact with their peers and teachers in other schools across Ireland and around the world.

Castletroy College is recognised as one of the leading schools in Ireland. The school sees this initiative as an opportunity to build on the good work to date in integrating ICT in teaching and learning and provide students with access to the latest technology.