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Allied Health Professions Talk in UHL

Allied Health Professions Talk in UHL

On Tuesday morning six TY students attended an Allied health professions talk in the Clinical and Education And Research Centre at University Hospital Limerick.

We had several speakers throughout the day, all of which were expert professionals in their chosen field.

To begin, we had a brief overview from Fiona Steed the group lead of Allied Health. We then listened to a number of presentations on careers such as dietetics, podiatry, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and medical social work.

We then were informed of the college courses that were available to us to pursue these careers be it undergraduate or postgraduate, in and outside of the Republic Of Ireland. We also had an excellent speaker from the University of Limerick outlining the courses available right on our doorstep.

These presentations were extremely informative and gave a unique insight into the day to day workings of a health professional. It also opened my eyes to the wide variety of careers that are available within the medical field.

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