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Brid 4 Business Class Trip to LIDL

Brid 4 Business Class Trip to LIDL

On the 7th of November 2019, from 11.55 to 1.15 in the afternoon, the transition year class Brid 4 travelled to the renowned Castletroy supermarket Lidl.

In the earlier weeks during business class, we prepared various questions for the Lidl management under various topics including set up, advertising, competition and employees.

When we entered the store, the supply manager took us on a short tour through various sections of Lidl. We got the opportunity to explore the freezer room located in the bakery section.

Once we received a brief outline of the store design, we headed to the storage room where we began to ask our many questions to the supply manager. He answered all the questions to his best ability and Brid 4 thoroughly learned some new information on Lidl and it’s working life.

We spent the remaining time before heading onto the bus by purchasing various items from the popular supermarket. Cookies were the most common products bought for definite.

Overall, the experience of visiting a local business and learning all about it’s past, present and future was an incredible opportunity with lots of new knowledge learned by each student for sure.

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