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James Chen becomes an official member of the Irish Maths Olympiad squad

James Chen becomes an official member of the Irish Maths Olympiad squad

Congratulations to James Chen (3rd Year) who has recently been selected to undertake training with the Irish Mathematical Olympiad team. This is an outstanding achievement at any age but to do it in 3rd Year is extraordinary.

The Irish Maths Olympiad Squad is the group of students that has shown potential to become a member of the Irish Team at next year’s International Mathematical Olympiad. These students will receive special training throughout the year by a group of dedicated university lecturers and professors from five Irish universities. They will also have the opportunity to participate in international mathematical competitions which are organised in Ireland in coordination with partner countries.

These are some of the upcoming international events in which the students of the IMO can participate:

The Iranian Geometry Olympiad 13 September 2019

The British Mathematical Olympiad (Round 1) 29 November 2019

The British Mathematical Olympiad (Round 2) 30 January 2020

The past year has seen unprecedented success by Castletroy College students in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics competitions. These students have represented themselves and our school with distinction and we thank them and their families for all the work involved.

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