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The VIP Limerick Sports Partnership

Five TY students are selected for the the VIP Limerick Sports Partnership
The VIP Limerick Sports Partnership

TY students from Castletroy College who are Darragh Murray, Eddie Hartigan, Denis Campbell, Aine Herbert and Sarah Hossey are five out of the thirty five people who were picked for the Limerick Sports Partnership program.

The Limerick Sports Partnership is a volunteer program and was initiated to get Limerick more active. The TYs involved get to earn their level one coaching certificate which enables them to further their future coaching careers. UL sports arena hosts the Partnership allowing them to use their equipment and facilities.

These 5 students will be taking on a variety of sports which allows them to experience new activities and also a better understanding of being a coach. Over the year they will also be involved with 100 hours of volunteering with different ages and groups.

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