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RSA Car Safety Simulators

RSA Car Safety Simulators

Over a number of days, the RSA has visited Castletroy College with their car safety simulators. This programme is for all Transition year classes and its purpose is to convey road safety for the students.

On the 10th of February it was Brid 4’s turn to participate in this important activity. There were various simulators set up that each held a point about being safer on the roads.

There was a car where four people sat into it and were shown by RSA workers how to properly tighten a seat belt on a day to day basis. The car proceeded to do a 360 turn around whilst we were fastened in. We were told how to release ourselves from a seat belt when turned upside down in a car. The key is to push against something else with your hands or feet in order to release pressure off the grasp the seat belt will hold.

Other simulators included VHR technology that displayed drivers either on their phones at day or night or drunk drivers and the consequences of doing so. Each simulator had an important point and message to it that was conveyed in an innovative way that could help young students to grasp the concept.

A big thanks to the RSA workers that came in for these number of days to help us learn more about how to be safe whilst driving and the dos and don'ts associated with it.

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